Covid-19 (Corona) virus Update
Frankston Toy Library is Temporarily Closed


Dear Members,

Just like everyone else, the Frankston Toy Library is in hardship. Our skeleton staff have done an amazing job getting the Toy Library ready for reopening, however with the second wave of Covid-19 we have been advised not to.


We are extremely grateful for your understanding, and can assure you that we are doing our very best to keep the Toy Library going during these uncertain times. We are in the process of organising online bookings for a drive by toy drop off.


As the Toy Library is a volunteer run facility we are in desperate need of helpers. Those who are able to donate their time will be rewarded with not only gratitude but extended borrowing rights. Any help would be greatly appreciate. 


Much to our dismay, we regret to inform you that membership extension will not be available. We simply do not have the funds to allow for extensions, and we are doing all that we can to keep afloat. Thank you for your understanding. 


When the day finally arrives for reopening we have set up procedures to keep us all safe:

     1) Staying 1.5m apart on the yellow carpet markers

     2) Using hand sanitizer at sanitizer station

     3) Temperature checking

*Note: We ask that children not visit the Toy Library. Minimal touching of toys will increase the prevention of transmission.*


Once again thank you all for your understanding.

Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in the near future. 


Kind regards,

Frankston Toy Library Committee & Staff.



The Frankston Toy Library is an invaluable community service that has been assisting young families in Frankston since 1977.  
We provide families, community groups and organisations that work with children an array of quality toys, games, activities and equipment for a minimal annual fee. 
We are one of the largest services of our kind in Australia. We are also one of the largest provider of special needs toys and resources.
We provide a hearing support program for families with children  with a hearing impairment and we have reference books available for borrowing.

To provide the community with quality resources that enable learning and development through play and positive engagement with others. 

We have a literacy program to encourage parents to read to their children. The program is called ‘Read Together’ and members are allowed to borrow individual books as part of their membership with Frankston Toy Library. We happily accept donations. 

The Frankston Toy Library is proud that they have recently developed a special needs section. Our aim is to make much needed toys and resources readily available for parents of children with a disability. We understand the financial and emotional impact this can have on your family and we want to make our resource section available to everyone. This new department will be made possible with the financial support received from Councillor Brian Cunial and the Frankston City Council, Bendigo Bank and the Frankston Lions Club. We are seeking further donations to expand the project which is set to include a large range of toys for children with special needs such as Autism, Asperger's, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Loss, Blindness and Down Syndrome.

If you are interested in assisting with this project, please email: 



  • New toys all the time without the cost

  • Keep the children entertained 

  • Save on storage space   

  • Games and puzzles for adults too!




OUR history

The Frankston Toy Library was established in May 1977 in the living room of founder: Bev Le Bas.

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To provide our diverse community with quality resources that enable learning and development through play and positive engagement with others, and promoting safety and education through community based projects and programs. We provide a vast range of special needs resources to children and adults with both learning and sensory delays and disabilities. We run regular workshops and support groups for first time mothers, hearing impaired children and families, and offer community space for local groups to meet and fulfill their needs in a purposefully appointed community house. We provide information and awareness of domestic violence situations and will continue to provide and cater for the needs of our community. Our programs and resources (which cater to all levels of our community and we strive to advance and grow which will enable us to continue providing this service to our community.


The Frankston Toy Library is a proud supporter of 'Hear Together Mornington Peninsula' which is support group for parents that have a children with a hearing impairment.


Click here to see our current flyer

You can follow the group on 
Facebook Hear Together or

We are currently leading a community campaign in the prevention of domestic violence in our community. The initiative is known as Sisterhood Frankston & Mornington Peninsula


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Sisterhood FMP' 


We are also proud to provide a Community Couch for mums groups and other groups to meet on.

If you don't have a mums group or a support group for a difficulty or disability your family is coping with, please let us know as we would love to help you find one.

For more information on our Community Couch, please speak with our staff or Email: 



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